Hi! I’m Callum

I’m a student at the University of Edinburgh, at which I am currently studying Physics. I am also a writer-in-progress. My first novel is in the first-draft stage, and I’m very excited about it. As well as that, I really enjoy programming (mainly in Python). I may post interesting programs I write here if I feel so inclined.

My book

My book is a science-fiction novel set on, around, and then rather far from Mars in 1000 years’ time; Mars has been terraformed, technology has fallen behind because of the 21st- through to 23rd-century struggle with climate change (leading to Earth’s terraforming effort). Half-human, half-robot quasihumans have recently been outlawed after horrifying malpractice in the developing industries around it. Then, in a Martian city, a quasihuman with no memory is discovered by our protagonist.

It’s supposed to be a very human story – one without violent conflict being the central theme, or glorified (we have enough of that stuff already). It’s a long process, and of course, then there’s the dreaded second draft, but it’s coming along well! I think. It might be awful and not get published.

My influences include James S.A. Corey (The Expanse), Ann Leckie (Imperial Radch Trilogy), and Becky Chambers (Wayfarers). They’re all excellent sci-fi writers and I’d highly recommend them to anyone.